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 You're the first on the scene of a three vehicle accident.

Two people are trapped inside a crushed car. A man has been ejected from a second vehicle and is lying on the pavement. Four others are seriously injured. It's war one fire captain has termed a "fog of war". You feel inundated. You mind is overloaded. Are you ready to handle the management of a Multiple Victim Incident smoothly and quickly?

You are no doubt familiar with responding to daily, routine medical aid calls. And you've probably developed a strategy in the event of a larger mass casualty incident. It is equally important that you establish a systematic plan to provide appropriate emergency medical service during an MVI, whether it involves vehicles, hazardous materials release or a major structure fire.

What is the MVI Plan ?

A Multiple Victim Incident (MVI) is any medical emergency which overwhelms the usual first response units. It may be as few as three people with extensive multiple injuries, or as many as twenty people with minor injuries. It is characterized by chaotic scene operations, disjointed and confusing communications, increased field time for the victims, and frustration for all involved.

The MVI Plan provides a flexible guide which improves the medical management of the patients. Key concepts such as field management, organization, communication and documentation are built into the plan. It is compatible and dependent upon the Incident Command System and can accommodate a mass casualty incident without changing the basic structure of field organization.

How is the MVI Plan Taught?

A 20-minute videotape simulates a fire department response to a Multiple Victim Incident. It illustrates an organized emergency medical response which has been established within the Incident Command System. In addition, you are provided with an instructor's manual and organizational charts suitable for overhead transparencies. The names of the designated command positions were chosen in concert with F.I.R.E.S.C.O.P.E.

Do I need the MVI Plan?

The MVI Plan is specifically designed for emergency medical technicians, ambulance personnel, firefighters and rescue workers.